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4 – ARM Bi-Axial machine
Multi arm bi-axial Rotomoulding machine
Single arm bi-axial Rotomoulding machine
(Common content for all this three product)

The Bi-axial machine has been equipped with set of innovative solutions aimed at maximization of productivity and ensuring intuitive operation.
Configuration can be increased from 1 to 6 carriages and up to eight stations.
Automatic and independent control of time and temperature for each arm, and therefore for each mould or moulds configuration.
Possibility to choose the optimal situation for multiple productions of different articles, different materials, different thickness and different quality levels.
Two variables available for the machine,
• Independent Arm
• Fix Arm
Available up to 8 stations for maximum flexibility and production
1. Heating Oven
2. Waiting Area
3. Cooling Section
4. Unload / Load Area
5. Unload / Load Area
Arrangement can be done in a different way according to Customer’s requirement.
Features of machine
• Latest Technology at low cost
• Improved Air flow design for Heating Oven
• Efficient thermal insulation of heating oven
• New mechanism for opening and closing of oven door
• Electronically controlled burner for reduced fuel consumption
• Heating with high velocity forced air circulation in close circuit
• Adjustable deflector vanes for optimal heating in oven
• Cooling with Air and water mist spray
• Individual carriage movement controlled by proximity sensors
• Specially designed bevel / spiral gears for arms
• Large loading capacity of the arms
• Real time Oven temperature controller for optimal and accurate heating of moulds

Close Oven Rock and roll Rotomoulding machine

• Substitute for rock and roll machine with a less fuel consumption.
• Lower power consumption due to hydraulic power pack
• Heavy duty design for arm and hinges
• Hydraulic door opening
• 50 degree inclination on both sides
• User friendly control panel

Open fire Rock and Roll Rotomoulding machine

Best machine for Start-up business, as it has lower project value and high flexibility.
• Very Common and accepted concept of operation which is easy to operate and user friendly.
• Lowest Project cost for wider range of products
• Fastest return of investment due to less production cost
• Less chances of product rejection as process are visible
• Low pressure burners which are very easy to adjust from outside, which provides faster heating
• Practically low maintenance.

Rotofab Machinery Pvt. Ltd. introduces bi-axial rotolining machines for substituting exotic metals by innovative low-cost high performance rotolined pipes, process and storage vessels. We have developed a range of special rotational moulding machines most suitable for rotolining application. This process allows for a seamless polymer coating to be applied to the interior surfaces of metal vessel, pipeline, pipe fittings or any hollow metal structure to protect against corrosion and abrasion in chemical services.
Application: Chemical, pharmaceutical food processing, effluent treatment, oil & gas industry, storage vessels, reactors and pipelines.
Coating: LLDPE, HDPE, XLPE, Nylon PA12, PVDF & PTFE.

Small Scale Lab Model Rotomoulding machine
Soft pvc toys (ball, doll) making machine
The Lab machine model RM – 10 is a state-of-the-art Rotomoulding, designed for the rotational molder looking for a small machine to perform tests and product development. It is also used to validate cycle times before going into production. The RM – 10’s integrated and compact design minimizes the use of floor space and offers the most ergonomic cooling and mould servicing stations of the industry.
The standard machine has two stations: one oven and one cooling/load-unload station. The cooling station, enclosed under a retractable dome, has adjustable air movement with variable frequency drives for efficient cooling and an extraction fan to send the hot and humid air outside the building. This model is designed with an advanced heat chamber engineered to maximize efficiency of hot air distribution, which optimizes the heat transfer to the mould. We build the machine with components from reputable suppliers recognized and accessible throughout the world.